Growing Heroin Problem Met with Prayer on Jailhouse Lawn

Published 05/25 2014 09:59PM

Updated 05/25 2014 10:43PM

A chain link fence divides inmates from freedom. While in stark comparison just on the other side of the fence an invigorated community stretches for the sky hoping the inmates not only find freedom, but also salvation. Praying for an answer to the increasing heroin addiction in Owensboro.

"If they can get God in the picture and realize that they have an importance. That they are important people even though they've done things in the past that weren't good. They can be forgiven. They can start over. God can help them. People of faith can come alongside of them and encourage them," said Carol Adkins of Drug Free Alliance.
Osborne says the rise in heroin has been substantial in the county and also under his own roof. He says in the past six months three people have been caught attempting to smuggle heroin into the jail. "Heroin is making a comeback in our community in general." While Osborne is fighting the heroin problem with iron bars and barbed wire the Drug Free Alliance is fighting it with prayer. "I think it's really good for the inmates to see the community here to say 'Hey I support you. We are going to do everything can do to stop the drug problem in our county,'" said Osborne.
The Drug Free Alliance is trying to teach morals to inmates while they can because most won't be locked up forever and there's hope better choices will be made with a second chance at freedom.
The Drug Free Alliance will hold similar meetings around Owensboro throughout the summer using faith as a centerpiece in each one.

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