Guns Beat Hoses in All-Around Slugfest

Published 04/12 2014 10:51PM

Updated 04/12 2014 11:08PM

In a sport where hitting each other in the head over and over again until one man can no longer stand. One would think noble sportsmanship would not be expected. But it's not only expected at Guns and Hoses, it's practiced.

Don't get me wrong. The blood thirsty fans didn't show up to see two grown men play patty cake in the middle of a ring. While sportsmanship should be commended, competitiveness is more entertaining.

Many of the boxers have fought in Guns and Hoses before. Experience is always a plus. Pre-game jitters are normal for a newcomer, but for the men who on a daily basis stop crime or run into buildings that are on fire, there's nothing that will test the nerves more than a normal day on the job.

In a unique event where everyday heroes can feel the glory that star athletes feels on a primetime stage there is still a bigger purpose to turn our attention to, that is raising money for 911 Gives Hope. A charity dedicated to helping disabled kids in the Tri-State. An early estimation for attendance was 7,100. That number is expected to climb and break the attendance record at Guns & Hoses which is 7,200.

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