Henderson Company Giving Away Free Trip to Disney World

Published 07/13 2014 09:38PM

Updated 07/13 2014 10:14PM

Created only two weeks ago Trip Fix is looking to send a Tri-State family to Disney World. "We're not giving people millions of dollars, but we're giving them experiences. And those experiences are what people what to take part of and share." Owner Jason Moore says Trip Fix is still new, but he came up with the concept several years ago. "It was about five years ago actually. I met a man that had never seen the ocean. It seemed crazy to me to think that somebody out there hadn't seen something as beautiful as the ocean."
From there the idea of sending people on a once in a lifetime trip was born. Moore is looking for a family that has fallen on hard times, or a couple that has been married for years, but couldn't go on a honeymoon. If you have a story to tell write Moore on tripfix.net and have a chance to build your own vacation The story will stay private unless you're picked to go on the trip.
With a deal this good there has to be a catch right?
"We don't want to just give a credit card and say go on vacation and have fun. We want to go experience it with you," said Moore. A camera crew will follow the family throughout the vacation and make a web series documenting the new experiences. "We want to experience the event with you whatever it is. If we take somebody to the beach we want to see your eyes light up for the first time you see that ocean. We want to see the kids smiling when they're riding a ride."
Moore says trip fix will foot the bill for the first few vacations, but he hopes eventually others will join in on the cause. "We feel like it's kind of one of those pay it forward situations where if we do it once maybe this thing can go on and on and on and it will end up supporting itself."
The family for the Disney World trip will be chosen at the end of July and will be sent to Orlando shortly after.

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