Henderson Couple's Sentencing Gives Justice To Abused Airedale Terriers

Published 06/06 2014 04:19PM

Updated 06/06 2014 04:23PM

Nearly thirty dogs discovered starving and hurt. Tonight, the couple who abused them learns the consequences.

Dorothea and Richard Conroy are sentenced to six months house arrest, and fined more than twelve-thousand dollars.

The Conroys's are banned from owning any dogs for the next six years.

That's welcome news to Lee Jordan, but he finds the lack of prison time a slap on the wrist.

"I really don't care much for the Conroy's. I thought they should just throw the whole book at them, instead of just giving them a piece of it."

Henderson couple, Dorothea and Richard Conroy, are sentenced today after nearly thirty Airedale Terriers were found abused at their home.

Lee Jordan adopted one of those dogs. "We love her to death and we wouldn't trade her for anything," says Jordan. Scarlett's tail wags here at Jordan's barber shop. He says she's a happy dog, in a loving home, but that was not always the case. "She was in the kennel the entire time she was at the Conroy's."

Officials say about thirty other terriers were found last August. They say the dogs were starving, hurt, unclean, and crammed together inside cages at the Conroy's. "I would just hate it for any dog to be in any situation like those dogs were in," says Jordan.

The Henderson County Humane Society took the dogs in. The story of their abuse quickly captured attention, and the hearts, of people wanting to adopt the dogs. "This has made us a family, all the different Airedale owners," says Jordan.

Lee Jordan says the dogs brought the owners together. Several owners attended the Conroy's court hearings. They also created the Airedale Terrier group on Facebook. "We can put all of this behind us and mainly take care of the dogs," says Jordan.

Lee Jordan says he speaks on behalf of the thirty terriers who could not. He hopes the Conroys will never own animals again. "I'd just like for them to know that all of the dogs that they thought they were taking such good care of, are actually in good homes now."

The Henderson District Court says the sentencing for the Conroy's is up for review. They says this is common, so the couple's punishment could change.

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