Henderson Police Searching for Man Wanted for Attempted Murder

Published 04/26 2014 09:56PM

Updated 04/27 2014 08:44PM

On the 400 block of S. Adams Street Henderson Police say 31-year-old Bradley Neblett tried to murder a woman he used to call his girlfriend. "Mr. Neblett pulled a gun on the young lady. Put it to her face. Pulled the trigger striking her in the face," said Jennifer Richmond of the Henderson Police Department.

Police say the victim ran out of the house, jumped in a car, and was taken to Methodist Hospital. Amazingly she is expected to recover. "She does have injuries to the face. However she was able to speak to officers last night. She is considered stable at this time," said Richmond.

With the victim in stable condition focus turns to finding the whereabouts of the alleged triggerman, Bradley Neblett. "We consider Bradley Neblett at this time to be armed and dangerous. Do not approach him, try to apprehend him. Immediately call 911," said Richmond.

A friend of the victim tells us Neblett and the victim used to date. She says Neblett was upset about the victims new boyfriend, but she never thought he would do something like this. "I don't know what would bring him to do that. I never thought he would do something like that."

She says Neblett and the victim have a child together. She says their eight-year-old daughter was in the house at the time of the shooting. "He shot her right in front of her daughter last night. Her daughter was standing beside her...I hope they catch him soon and give him what he deserves. He needs to be in jail."

If you have any information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 270-831-1111

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