Highly Competitive Contractors Meet for Evansville Hotel Bidding

Published 06/09 2014 07:09PM

Updated 06/09 2014 07:17PM

More than 100 contractors. "That's a pretty good amount. Typically we see forty to sixty," said Duane Prewitt of Killian Construction.

Killian Construction is the project manager letting 35 bid packages. Which is a large number for a project this size. "There are a large number of contractors that have expressed interest in this project. We wanted to optimize all the companies we could," said Prewitt.
A certain percentage of the projects will go to minority contractors such as Finch Construction. Finch has worked on Lucas Oil Stadium and also the Ford Center. Even though the company is based in Indianapolis company officials say the workers will be hired out of Evansville. "We are a union contractor so we work with the locals here. Hire straight out of the union hire everyone from here," said Keith Shanklin of Finch Construction.

Shanklin says there is a surplus of available skilled construction workers and contractors in the Evansville area. He says the large number of bid packages benefits company's with smaller budgets and spreads the opportunity to be included in the project. "These smaller packages that come out they feel they can go after those packages and easier to bond and easier to win those packages," said Shanklin.
The large number of contractors also makes the bidding process highly competitive. "Everyone is coming after it because it's a high profile project. Everybody wants to come and say look at that building, look at the hotel, I did it," said Shanklin.

It's not all cutthroat business tactics though. Contractors also use this as an opportunity to team up to bid together. Bids are due on June 19th. Killian plans to start construction in mid July and take 20 months to finish.

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