Hydroplanes May Return to Evansville This Summer

Published 04/16 2014 06:19PM

Updated 04/16 2014 06:28PM

A 30-year tradition in the River City could be returning this summer. Hydroplanes haven’t been in Evansville since 2009 because of waning interest and high costs. But, a small group of hydroplane enthusiasts are working to bring the boat races back. Shriner’s spokesman Dale Thomas said they were approached by the group seven weeks ago to bring back the boats during the 2014 Evansville Freedom Festival Hadi ShrinersFest.

Thomas said it all depends on whether the group can raise enough money. He said it must be budget neutral for the Shriners because it's not something the organization had in its 2014 budget.

Thomas said the hydroplanes will be the same style as in the past if they return, but there will be fewer.   

He said a decision will be announced May first.


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