Hydroplanes Return to Evansville

Published 06/14 2014 10:42PM

Updated 06/14 2014 10:54PM

The roar returns as the sound of thunder booms on the Ohio River once again.

"It's been an integral part of Evansville's history and it was a great thing to be able to bring these folks back to actually be a part of Shinersfest," said Potentate Brian Ball.

After five years of a relatively quiet summer, the hydroplanes are back. "Just the noise of it and how loud it is. It roars your seat you can feel it. It gives an adrenaline rush." The railings are lined with people, but Bo cox probably has the best seat in the house. "Right here where I'm at it's awesome. I'm eye level with everything and right there on the river."

He has been coming to Shinersfest since he was a small child and remembers when the hydroplanes races were the feature of the summer. "All the way down the whole bank here was just covered with people. All the way down the whole side, up on top, it was nothing but people all the way down through there."

The hydroplanes have returned, but in a fraction of the manner that once was. Only two boats with three heats. But Bo says with continued support for the hydroplanes the banks could be covered with people once again.

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