Indiana Gay Couples Told Their Marriages Don't Matter

Published 07/09 2014 09:42PM

Updated 07/09 2014 10:16PM

Hundreds of Hoosiers flocked to clerk's offices for a two day window to apply for a same-sex marriage license. Now Governor Pence is telling government offices to pretend it never happened.
June 25th, 2014 was a day to remember for Amber and Sara Wells. "I was marrying...I'm going to cry now. I'm marrying my soulmate, finally,"  said Sara.
However July 9th is a day to forget for the 'somewhat' newlyweds. Indiana Governor Mike Pence tells government agencies "to execute their functions as though the U.S. District Court Order of June 25, 2014 had not been issued."
"So pretty much what they're saying is the law that they passed, the legal law that they passed never existed. So that whole day was erased? The whole two days was erased? That we really didn't go down there and get married," said Amber.
The U.S. Court of Appeals already issued a stay on the June 25th order. Meaning no more same-sex marriage licenses should be issued. Sara and Amber say Governor Pence's comments add fuel to the fire. "It absolutely adds to the fire for civil rights. Becuase that's all that we're asking for. We don't want anything extra. We just want what's rightfully ours," said Sara. "It just makes me feel lesser than any normal, what they say 'normal' straight person out there," said Amber.
Sara says she waited 10 years to marry Amber. She says if her marriage is no longer recognized, nothing of her's should be recognized by the state either. "If my gay marriage doesn't count why does my gay money count? Why does anything we do count?"
"We waited and waited and followed the letter of the law. And when they told us we could do it legally that's what we did. And now they're telling us that we're breaking the law? No they're breaking the law," said Amber.

Vanderburgh County Attorney Joe Harrison says Pence's statement does not affect the county clerk's office. He says same-sex marriage licenses will stay on hold until the U.S. Court of Appeals issues a ruling.

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