Indiana Governor Mike Pence Discusses Economic Development

Published 06/26 2014 05:35PM

Updated 06/26 2014 06:48PM

Indiana Governor Mike Pence makes a stop in Evansville today to discuss what he considers his top priority, economic development.

The governor chaired the board meeting for the state's Economic Development Corporation.

The meeting was held on the floor of the Ford Center, with Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke giving the opening remarks.

When asked whether the Economic Development Corporation is working on any potential projects for our area, here's what the governor had to say.

"There's a broad range of projects we're constantly working on. first, to businesses here in the region for how we might better partner with businesses to encourage investment and growth. there are a number of other projects under consideration for this region, some that are under negotiations today."

Governor pence also touted the state's successes in drawing in new investment and economic growth.
He also praised Mayor Winnecke and other local leaders with their work in getting the hotel project up and moving as well as the IU Med School.

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