Indiana Senate Approves HJR3

Published 02/17 2014 03:07PM

Updated 02/17 2014 06:44PM

The Indiana Senate voted 32-17 in favor of HJR3, the proposed Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in Indiana.

The resolution no longer includes a ban on same sex civil unions.  The House took out that provision earlier in the session. 

From Southwestern Indiana, Republican Vaneta Becker of Evansville and Democrat Lindle Hume of Princeton voted against the resolution.  Republican Jim Tomes of Wadesville and Democrat Richard Young of Milltown voted for it. 

Same sex marriage and same sex civil unions are already illegal in Indiana.  Supporters had hoped to put the ban in the Indiana Constitution.  Voters must also approve any Constitutional amendment through a state wide referendum. 

The proposal will not appear on this year's ballot in Indiana.  That is because it must be passed in the same form by two separate General Assemblies before it can go to the voters.  The earliest any resolution would likely go to the voters now would be 2016.  

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