Indiana's 'Cold Beer' Law Stays The Same

Published 06/17 2014 10:34PM

Updated 06/17 2014 10:40PM

Hoosiers looking for a cold one, will have to head to the liquor store after a judge shoots down cold beer sales in Indiana convenience stores.

This decision upholds the current Indiana state law. As it stands, only liquor stores can sell 'chilled' beer, other stores must sell it at room temperature.

A group of convenience stores attempted to change the law, but they were denied. The cold beer law, stays the same.

Getting a cold one in the Hoosier state? You can't get it at gas stations, grocery stores, or Wal-Mart.

If you want it chilled, you'll have to go to a liquor store.

"Oh, we're happy." Kwik Liquor clerk, Greg Rhoades, says he is glad the Indiana law over the sale of cold beer will stay the same. "It increases our business, and it will keep more money in the small business owner's pockets, versus all of these big chains."

Rhoades says the law helps keep the mom and pop stores alive. "It was started by my family about thirty-two years ago."

At Kwik Liquor, this clerk says there are things the big business retailers can't provide. "Good customer service. A lot of our customers, we try to give the best service as possible. We also offer a variety of things that grocery stores wouldn't be able to," says Rhoades.

For the customer looking for a cold one like Peejay Kempf, convenience is key. "If you're getting gas anyway, get your twelve pack cold, and go home." Kempf says he wishes Indiana law would allow gas stations to sell cold beer, but agrees places like grocery stores should not. "If you're going to shop for an hour, there is no since in having a cold beer in the grocery stores. At gas stations, where you are getting your gas, I think it is convenient and reasonable."

Kempf says the convenience of options is what keeps the local liquor stores thriving, over the big name chains. "Liquor stores offer so much more variety and choices. People want beer and variety. They are going to go to a liquor store anyway," says Rhoades.

The judge's ruling said, allowing convenience stores to sell cold beer would mean more alcohol sales across the state, which would be harder for Indiana State Excise Police to enforce state liquor laws.

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