Investigation Continues After EPD Nabs 'Serial Flasher'

Published 03/05 2014 06:32PM

Updated 03/05 2014 06:35PM

Evansville Police arrest a Henderson man they consider a serial flasher two days before he was supposed to be in court for similar charges. However, police say this could be just the beginning.

Officers arrested William Bullock, 27, on Tuesday morning. The female victim called police after Bullock followed her in his car, made a comment and had his genitalia exposed, according to police records. The victim provided an accurate and detailed description of Bullock's vehicle, allowing police to arrest Bullock just minutes later.

The Evansville Police Department is not releasing Bullock's booking photo at this time because it could jeopardize photo lineups in pending cases, according to Sgt. Jason Cullum.

"It's scary. This guy is two days away from a trial when he commits the same exact offense," Sgt. Cullum said. "That indicates to us that he doesn't really care that he's not supposed to do it."

Bullock is due in court on Thursday for charges of performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor and three counts of public nudity. Police arrested Bullock in September 2013 on those charges. Bullock told detectives he had pleasured himself in his car at various public places for many months before getting caught, according to court records.

Police are now investigating Bullock for a number of other previous indecent exposure cases, according to Sgt. Cullum.

"Our concern is that someone who is doing that -- whatever the thrill they received -- at some point, it's not going to be such a big deal to them so they're going to progress," Sgt. Cullum said. "We've got a series of events over the last couple years leading up to [Tuesday]."

Sgt. Cullum said police are now trying to connect the dots that could be scattered across several years and possibly several cities.

"[Bullock] works in an industry that travels a lot," Sgt. Cullum said. "This could be something he's doing in other communities not just Evansville. This could grow and have a lot more victims than what we realize right now."

Despite his most recent arrest, Bullock is out on bond on one count of misdemeanor public indecency.

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