ISP Continues Investigation; Witness Recounts Crash Involving Trooper

Published 07/01 2014 06:29PM

Updated 07/01 2014 06:43PM

Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Ringle said Trooper Wes Alexander, 29, will be released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon after sustaining a non-life threatening head injury. Investigators concluded Alexander was traveling west on I-64 when he activated his emergency lights, Sgt. Ringle said. For an unknown reason, Alexander left the roadway, crossed the grassy median and crashed into a car driven by Sherri Jones, 63, and John Jones, 64, both of Louisville, Sgt. Ringle said. Sherri Jones remains in critical condition while John Jones remains in stable condition at Deaconess Hospital.

Sgt. Ringle said a thorough investigation into why Alexander left the roadway is currently underway. Witness accounts, Sgt. Ringle said, will be a piece to that puzzle.

The skid-marks left behind by the crash tell a story. Little did he know at the time, Marty Fisher would see it.

"I called 911 right away and said 'you've got a pretty serious accident out here. A state trooper is involved,” Fisher said. “’It looks like it could be deadly. It was violent."
Fisher and his 15-year-old son were heading westbound on I-64 Monday afternoon about a mile south of the Poseyville exit. The area had been under lane restrictions, officials said.

After another driver failed to move over for a stopped emergency vehicle, Fisher said he saw Trooper Alexander turn on his emergency lights and accelerate quickly, presumably to catch the traffic violator.

“I thought we'd watch him pull that [other driver] over. I thought I’d show my son what happens when you don't get over,” Fisher said. “The trooper never made it that far.”

Alexander attempted to pass in the adjacent lane and began to lose control, according to Fisher.

“What caused it? I’m not sure. But [the trooper] fish-tailed a couple of times and I was watching through my rearview mirror,” Fisher said. “The next think I know, he came across that median and hit that car. The trooper t-boned right in the side of her.”

Fisher has provided an informal statement to Indiana State Police investigators, he said. ISP could not comment on the investigation because it is still ongoing, Sgt. Ringle said. However, Sgt. Ringle said the agency is conducting a thorough investigation into what happened. The investigation will be even more thorough because it involves a state trooper, Sgt. Ringle said. Sgt. Ringle also wanted to offer his prayers to the couple that was injured as well as the trooper himself.

“You could see metal flying everywhere. It looked like something you’d see in Nascar,” Fisher said. “It was a violent accident."

“Fortunately everybody survived and hopefully they're going to be okay. My first initial reaction was they're not going to make it."

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