Jury Rules on Scottish Rite Incident

Published 08/06 2014 04:13PM

Updated 08/06 2014 10:50PM

A four-year civil case comes to an end in Evansville as a federal jury finds Evansville Police did not violate a man's civil rights during a 2010 incident.

Kivon Redd accused two officers of falsely arresting him and using excessive force in the 2010 Scottish Rite incident.

Redd was one of four people arrested at the graduation party.

A judge threw out a charge against Redd for disorderly conduct and a jury acquitted him for resisting law enforcement.

Two officers who responded to the Scottish Rite were criticized for using pepper spray, but an internal investigation showed the officers' use of force was not excessive.

Kivon Redd released the following statement:

"While I am disappointed in the verdict, at the end of the day I stood up for what I feel I believe, and know is the truth and what is right, not just for myself but everyone else there that night. This was a case less about any amount of money and more about right vs wrong and my voice was heard. I would like to thank my attorneys as well as all the people that supported me"

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