Kentucky Lawmakers Pass E-Cig Bill

Published 04/01 2014 06:40PM

Updated 04/01 2014 07:00PM

Teenagers can't buy cigarettes, and now, they might not be able to buy e-cigarettes in the commonwealth.

Governor Steve Beshear is considering legislation that bans stores from selling e-cigarettes to anyone under 18.  Lawmakers approved the bill last night, just as the General Assembly wrapped up its sixty day session.

"It's not something to be played with," says Jennifer Jones of Custom Vapors in Owensboro.

At e-cig stores in Owensboro, if you're not 18, you can't buy.

"People understand, even the minors understand, that if they're not of age, they cannot purchase anything from this store," says Zach Hendley of Vapurz of Owensboro.

Even though some still get around it.

"Last time I was at a restaurant, up the road here at the Cadillac, there was, like, a 12-13 year old kid had one attached to her neck, puffing along on it," says John McElrath of Owensboro.

The General Assembly passed a bill this week, prohibiting people younger than eighteen from buying and using electronic cigarettes.  It adds to the existing law blocking them from buying tobacco products.

"They should've done that a long time ago," Jones says.

She say they weren't waiting for lawmakers to make their move.  They put signs up blocking sales to minors when they opened last year.

"We put those signs up right after we opened because when we first opened, they really tried to get us," Jones recalls. "I had a couple come in, and I asked him for his I.D., and it said he just turned 16."

Some customers say the ban's needed because like with cigarettes, minors may not know what they're getting involved with.

"It's pretty important. You got different nicotine levels in them, they could be harmful."

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