Kidnappers Threaten to Steal Kids in Writing

Published 06/11 2014 12:08PM

Updated 06/11 2014 03:59PM

Someone threatened a Northern Indiana woman about kidnapping her daughters. They mailed her a letter saying so.
What she read prompted her to call the police and lock her children inside her home.
A little more than 60 words make up the letter that arrived at Alfreda Murphy's Gary, Indiana home this weekend.
There was no name attached and no signature included. 
Only a warning about her two oldest daughters that reads, "we will get them.”
"You have two lovely daughters. "
"I and my friend have watched them ever since they moved in "
"Almost had them on Thursday evening, will keep trying  thank you!"
Police say the letter also includes details about when and where the children played only 2 days prior.
Investigators are trying to track down who sent the letter.
Alfreda and her family just moved into that home 2 months ago.

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