Kids 'Awe' at Long Drives and Golf Trick Shots

Published 06/24 2014 08:07PM

Updated 06/24 2014 08:23PM

On the practice tee players have their first chance to hone in their swing and focus on what looks to be a very challenging week of golf. But just feet away
a few pros are having some fun with young fans of the game.

"Hitting the golf cart never gets old it doesn't matter what age you're at. That's the funnest part," said professional golfer Andres Gonzales.

On his first attempt fifth year pro Adam Hadwin gave the crowd what it wanted as be blasted a ball off the tee banging the truck of the golf cart.

"Andres and Brett took a few whacks at it and couldn't do it. So I thought I'd show them how to do it," said Hadwin.

For some it's their first time on a golf course. "Never I've only watched them on TV," said 11-year-old Eric Miles. And it's their first chance to chat with a real professional about how to master the game, but instead most want to see destruction. "One of my friends said, break the window! Break the window! And I said no don't break the window," said Miles. "The most coolest part is how far they can hit. I'm actually very amazed how they can do that," Miles added.


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