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2009 Ice Storm Remembered on 8th Anniversary

Facing falling temperatures this weekend, many of us have memories of a winter storm that cripple much of our region..

Today is the 8th anniversary of the 2009 ice storm, one of the worst to hit the Tri-State, causing power outages, fallen trees, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damage

Among the hardest hit was Muhlenberg County.

"It was a painful experience," says Johnaton Render of Drakesboro.

An experience many in Muhlenberg County still remember, eight years after the ice covered western Kentucky.

"I know we didn't have water for over a month and we'd had to go to other places to take showers," says Jesse Dorris of Muhlenberg County.

"We had a big nice house out there and we heard branches pop," Render recalls.

"A lot of people standing in line trying to buy generators because it was a good almost two weeks with power. We had nothing," adds Kim Gary of Greenville.

The National Weather Service in Paducah says the storm caused more than $500 millionin damage in Kentucky, leaving many without power, water, and phone service for several weeks, and little in ways to communicate with each other.

"We had some gas logs and stuff, so we survived," Dorris says. "We just cooked on the grill."

"We had some battery operated things, things were fully charged, where we could watch movies on the little DVD player," Gary recalls. "We did have a gas fireplace that we stayed in the one room with."

The storm was responsible for at least 14 deaths. The entire Kentucky National Guard was called in for relief efforts.

"The community helped each other, people helped each other clean up after the storm. It's hard to sit and think about it," says Render.

Some say when the threat of winter weather rises, memories of that painful experience eight years ago rise with it.

"Nobody wants to go through that freeze again," says Gary.

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