20th Birthday Celebration Held For Aleah Beckerle

It has been more than six months since Aleah Beckerle went missing from her Evansville home. Today, a birthday celebration was held for her at St. Lucas Church.

"She's never missed a birthday we've always been together," Aleah's mother Cara Beckerle says. 

Candles on a cake, cards, and balloons. That is what many see at a birthday party. Instead, 20 candles sat on an alter, cards full of sorrow, and the birthday girl still missing. 

Cara says, "I just can't believe she's not here and I don't know why."

"I'm picturing her here with us right now," Aleah's grandmother Lydia LaRue says. "I'm picturing myself feeding her ice cream and that look she gets on her face."

Aleah has been missing since July, apparently taken from her home in the dark of night. They've searched the city, and the FBI has searched a landfill, but still...nothing. 

In two days, Aleah will turn 20. 

St. Lucas Pastor Lynn Martin says, "It's hard we're stuck between the joy of the event which is a 20th birthday and the grief of not knowing where she is."

Through an emotional service, it had all the makings of a joyous birthday, but it wasn't. 

Cards, songs, crying, and family and friends, longing to see Aleah's face again. 

LaRue says, "Any time I felt like she's gone and you know I start thinking about we may never see her again something in me says no."

"She's never hurt anyone," Cara says. "I know she smiled at when they took her out of her bed I know she did and I don't why they took her but I hope they bring her back. Please I just want my daughter back so bad."

Family and friends released balloons with notes attached, hoping and praying that Aleah will come home. 

Aleah's family says they believe she is still alive. Holding back tears, they urge anyone with information to contact police. 

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