"A League of Their Own" Celebrating 25 Years

25 years ago a classic movie was made right here in the Tri-State impacting the local community.

"A League of Their Own" was filmed in Huntingburg, Indiana where a celebration was held to salute the novelty. 

Justin Scheller, who acted as Stilwell Gardner in the movie says, "It was like we hadn't been apart you know what I mean."

More than 25 years in the dust since some of the most iconic innings and actors hit a home run in a film industry. 

Bitty Schram, who acted as Evelyn Gardner, says. "I didn't know the extent of the impact ,it's more than a novelty. It's really an industry for good things lots of good things."

The hit motion picture hit the local community with a grand slam. 

Scheller says, "They really make you feel like a rock star here it's crazy and I had such a small part in the movie but for the community it's huge."

Huntingburg resident Conrad Blessinger says he was in the area when the movie was filmed 25 years ago. "You had all these trucks and everything and all this movie gear and just fans and people wanted to see how to make a Hollywood movie," Blessinger says. 

The film stars well-known actors like Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O'Donnell. The celebration was a homecoming for some. 

"That field you know it's like being back at home,,,you don't forget that," Schram says. 

The stadium remains almost the same 25 years later and in honor of the film the Peaches took on the Belles, making memories seem like it was just yesterday. 

All proceeds from the celebration go towards the League Stadium Endowment which ensures the future of the iconic landmark. 

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