Angel Mounds Spring Farm Fest a Blast to the Past

The Angel Mounds Spring Farm Fest had one of its biggest weekends since it started eight years ago.

"A lady today said it's the first time she ever saw a goat besides TV. I said you really need to get out more,” Jim Burton said laughing. Burton is one of the many people who make the Farm Fest possible.

Over the weekend, more than a thousand people came out to fest, stepping into a time machine that brought them back to a more simple time.

On display was everything a farmer from a hundred years ago would need, designed to be both fun and educational for people young and old.

“Well my favorite part was like making rope and then getting to make that, and I just made a necklace out of it,” Mikayla Gish said, proudly holding her craft.

More than 50 volunteers made it all possible. In a time where many people are lost without their cellphones, events like the Farm Fest are a rare opportunity to show kids what the world was like before the technology age.

"Oh it's very important, I think. If they get stuck one day, they don't know how to do something, instead of rely on their phone or whatever,” Tom Utley said. It’s important not only for him, but for his granddaughter Gish as well.

"Well i think it is, because you can't just rely on everybody else to do everything. Sometimes you have to do everything yourself,” Gish said.

For Burton, it's also important to teach people that modern technology is no foreign concept to modern farmers.

"A lot of those kids don't have a clue, they think they're all hillbillies, and they're not," Burton said. “So technology and farming go hand in hand, but it's important to learn the latter, which is hands on stuff, which basically farming still is hand-on, measuring, weighing, everything."

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