Boonville City Council Holds Quail Crossing Meeting

The city of Boonville is close to buying a subdivision and golf course, but it's not yet a done deal.

Some residents look forward to the annexation, but not everyone is in favor. 

"This is a Boonville thing at this point, Quail Crossing is not the primary in this, Boonville is," Boonville native Bobby Alexander says. 

Alexander has Boonville in his roots, and drove all the way from Martinsville to voice his opinion for his hometown. 

"I felt like I needed to be here because of the opposition," Alexander says. "I had to speak up and the people of Boonville need to speak up."

Wednesday, the Boonville City Council voted to approve the bond for purchase of Quail Crossing 3-1, something Alexander doesn't agree with. 

"They're wanting to increase our taxes city wide and the bottom line is Boonville doesn't have enough money to make this deal," Alexander says. 

Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt says, "We have not come to terms yet totally. We have not signed a contract, but obviously if you go build a house you go get financing before you get the deal done."

Mayor Wyatt says the deal would benefit the city of Boonville by expanding. 

"It makes our city bigger, you die and you don't stagnate if you don't expand and if you don't bring homes and housing like in our meeting tonight," Wyatt says. 

But others like Alexander disagree. 

"It takes a lot of money to run a golf course and I can't understand why anyone thinks a municipality in this day in age has any business owning a golf course," Alexander says. 

Mayor Wyatt says, "This is a way to help the city and be able to stabilize itself and be able to continue with the long term plans of the city."

The only public hearing for the purchase of Quail Crossing will be July 24th at 5 p.m. at the Parks Board Meeting. 

A vote on the bond will be August 3rd at the regular city council meeting. 


Original Story:

There was a step forward on Wednesday for a Tri-State city looking to branch out by annexing a subdivision and buying a golf course.

Boonville City Council called a special meeting on Wednesday regarding Quail Crossing. That meeting wrapped up just before 4:45.

The city council voted to approve a bond for the purchase of the Quail Crossing golf course.

All of this started in June as the city of Boonville aims to acquire the course.

The city council gave the city a green light to negotiate purchasing the property which is estimated to cost around $600,000, including 208 acres of golf course.

Then, the city's parks board approved the city's purchase. Now, the bond for the purchase has been approved.

Many are excited for the potential.

Wednesday evening's vote to approve the bond puts the city one step closer to finalizing the purchase of Quail Crossing.

(This story was originally published July 19, 2017)

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