Brad Byrd In-Depth: John Blair Remembers Tony Kiritsis Hostage Situation

Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most incredible crimes in Indiana history that was captured live on TV. Tony Kiritsis took Richard Hall hostage for 63 hours in Indianapolis.

It began on February 8, 1977, when police say Kiritsis stormed into Meridian Mortgage Downtown. He blamed Hall, who was a mortgage executive, for defaulting on his loan. Kiritisis used a wire to attach a sawed-off shotgun to Hall's neck. Cameras were rolling as Kiritsis forced Hall around downtown Indianapolis with the gun pointed at the back of his head. Kiritsis then stole a police car and took Hall to his apartment in Speedway, where he spent the next few days.

During the time at his apartment, Kiritsis frequently made calls to 1070 WIBC. Finally, a lawyer said Hall signed a document stating he had mistreated Kiritsis, would pay him $5 million, and that Kiritsis would not be prosecuted or even arrested. Kiritsis then held a speech in front of live TV cameras, declaring himself a national hero. Eventually, Kiritsis released Hall and was arrested immediately. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

One of the many journalists who was in attendance during Kiritsis' live news conference was photographer John Blair of Evansville. Blair snapped a picture of the incident that won him the Pulitzer Prize.

Brad Byrd sits down with John Blair to discuss the Tony Kiritsis hostage situation on its 40 anniversary and him earning a Pulitzer Prize with the picture he snapped.

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