Century Old Warehouse Becoming Apartment Building

The 100-year-old former MPD Warehouse building in Owensboro is undergoing a major facelift. The vacant property that sits on east 9th St. will become apartment buildings.

Cohen-Esrey Redevelopment Group out of Kansas City is taking on the project. The building will have 28 one and two bedroom apartment units with rent about $600 dollars a month.

The project is funded by a low income house tax credit, so there will be income restrictions on who can apply.

"You end up with a unit that is not the same as you are going to find out in the suburbs kind of sitting of the side of the interstate somewhere that has its place and new construction can have its own amenities," said Cohen-Ersey Redevelopment Group Managing Director Tom Anderson. "But a product like this you'll have  a really unique living environment."

We're told construction should be complete in October with a late November move-in date.

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