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Commander Admiral Husband Kimmel Statue Unveiled In Henderson

The 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming up, a day to remember and honor those who served that fateful day. Today the family of Commander Admiral Husband Kimmel, a Henderson native, not only remembered him, but unveiled a statue in his honor.

"It's not very often that a grown man gets tears in his eyes but I had a lot of tears in my eyes," Manning Kimmel says. He is Admiral Husband Kimmel's grandson. 

December 7th 1941...a day that will live in infamy, taking the lives of many, and also the good name of one commander from Henderson. 

"Overnight my grandfather went from a broken man to a raging tiger," Manning says. 

Admiral Husband Kimmel was a commander of the U.S. Pacific fleet during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

"He was a soldier's soldier he just knew how to do the job right," Manning says. 

He survived the bombing, but was hit by a barrage of public criticism, demoted to a two-star admiral and retired disgraced. 

"The whole country had turned against him every headline was Kimmel this Kimmel that," Manning says. 

Seeking out the truth has been a matter of honor for the family, working to restore his name, which the family says was besmirched following the attack. 

John Kimmel, Admiral Husband Kimmel's great-grandson says, "It's close to home it's personal it's near and dear to all of us in the Kimmel family."

Saturday the city of Henderson unveiled a bronze statue of Kimmel with 42 of his descendants there to see it. 

Tom Kimmel, also a grandson to Admiral Husband Kimmel says, "Henderson, thank you for your loyalty to my grandfather Admiral Husband Kimmel and to our family whose home town this was."

"It's like the first time I've seen my grandfather since he passed away in 1986 there he was," Manning says. 

For Manning and others of Kimmel's decedents, they hope this is one step closer to righting a wrong. 

Manning says, "Grandad we're not going to give up. We are not going to give up."

"We're doing our best grandpa," Tom says. "We're doing our best we're trying."

Henderson is home to many heroes with one more honored this Saturday afternoon. 

The Kimmels sent a letter to President Obama asking for the president to restore Kimmel's rank. They want people to know his story as they continue to fight for their patriarch's name. 

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