Crews Case Not Cold: Time Can't Heal All Wounds

The more things change the more they stay the same.

The more time flies for Donna Crews, the more it stands still. “It’s hard every single day,” she says behind a flood of tears.

It never gets easy coping with the death of her son, Blake. “I don't think it'll ever get easier,” she says.

Time is supposed to heals wounds, but it’s been more than two years since the Blake Crews was killed at a home in Henderson.

Those wounds a mile wide cannot be healed.

A search for the missing piece of a puzzle has been ongoing since January 2015. Donna is still desperate for answers in her son’s murder, and police are doing what they can to keep the case from going cold.

Kentucky State Troopers have exhausted leads and they've asked you for help.

When it seems like all is forgotten, a tweet from the Henderson Police Department sends a reminder; it only takes a tiny piece to finish the puzzle.

“My son is never going to get to come back,” says Donna, hoping someone comes forward with information. “I hope and pray every single day and night and minute that I can pray.”

The family and Crime Stoppers have fronted a $15,000 reward leading to an arrest. Eight people were arrested during the investigation but none were charged with murder.

Investigators say it has been difficult to get momentum with so many stories and some not cooperating.

It seems like hope is lost, and if you ask Donna, she is. But a mother's grief drives her forward with the hope one day the answer to her son’s murder will come.

“I have to believe it.”

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