Decades-old Newburgh antique store holds closing auction

A long-time business in the heart of Newburgh began the clearing out process early this morning with a public auction.

For decades, Country Gentleman Antiques has called the intersection of Jennings and State Street its home.

And Saturday, dozens gathered as the shop let customers in for a final time.

It’s a store that’s usually quiet, but always full of many different artifacts… but Saturday morning it was noisy.

“We hope to clear out most of what’s in here,” said store owner Scott Lauderdale.

After over 30 years, Country Gentleman Antiques won’t be refilling empty shelves.

“After 31 years of seven days a week you know I kinda want to do other things for the first time in 62 years,” said Lauderdale.  

So his store will soon close its doors… But not without some good ole auctioneering.

The objects inside make up the store, but it’s the people that have stepped inside that have made it complete.  

“There’s even a few of my customers that I’ve known since they were little children and they’re now in their 30s and 40s and they have children of their own,” said Lauderdale.

And it’s the memories of his mother in the store that he will miss most.

“We just spent all of our time here in the shop.”

He says she came almost every day, “and lot of people remember Myrtle.”*

By the end of the day the antiques might have new homes but, “All the antiquers never die,” which means his passion for collecting won’t soon diminish.

(This article was originally published November 4, 2017)

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