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Dream Center braves the weather to deliver lunches

The day began in a flurry of tuna, pretzels and everything else a hungry kid could want at the Evansville Dream Center. Quickly 150 lunches were made and hauled off. 50 were taken to Mcgary Middle School, and the other 100 to homes in need.


"If you ask them if they're excited about a snow day, or a day out of school, or even like a holiday coming up Monday, you'd think a kid would say they're really excited, but the fact of the matter is they're not, because they're just sitting at home, and they don't have a lot to do,” John Benton said.


He and Tom Moore formed a dream team on Friday. Benton is the Dream Center Director of Ministry. Moore happened to be planning a meeting with the organization's executive director.


"He said actually, I wont be able to do anything on Friday, because we're gonna be delivering some meals, and I said well maybe you need somebody else to chip in,” Moore said.


The two made quick work of their 30 lunches, delivering each one by hand. They were greeted by most with the standard “thank you.”


Others gave a warm embrace, as warm as embraces get on days like today.


"I like it, cause I mean we get to have lunch, because we have other stuff up there, but I mean it's not the best,” said Kia Uhde, a young girl who attends the Dream Center.


"It's amazing. They're coming out here in this really cold weather, and they're helping families out. It's great,” Brendan Speraw said. “It's gonna be hard to get out, so it's gonna help us out a lot."


Braving the elements was an easy call to make for Benton.


"Our kids are precious and i wouldn't be able to enjoy my day at home in the living room if i knew a kid wasn't eating, if i knew a kid wasn't getting a meal, and so it's really important to me to get out here and make sure those kids are taken care of."


The dream center says it was able to deliver all 150 meals. The food was donated by the Tristate Food Bank.

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(This story was originally published January 12, 2018)

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