Drivers Speak Out on Speed Limit Change Plans

Plans to raise the speed limit on Highway 60 in Daviess County, getting the attention of drivers who use the four-lane highway.

Kentucky transportation officials want to raise it from 55 to 65 miles an hour around Owensboro.

"It's a big decision," says Michelle Schwartz of Philpot.

On a highway with one speed limit, the actual speed of the cars traveling it varies.

"55. I go the speed limit, especially since I have a three-year-old. I like to keep it safe," says Schwartz.

"Probably around 60-65 something like that," says Jacob Wood of Utica.

Many drivers say they like the idea of raising the speed limit by ten miles, since they believe it can handle increased speed.

"I already drive 65, so it'd be great," says Caitlin Howard of Daviess County.

"I know they repaved it and did all that work on it a couple of years ago," says Wood. "It was a lot worse, maybe five years ago, probably not. Today, I think it'd be O.K."

Transportation officials plan to change it on more than ten miles of road around the city of Owensboro. Keith Todd of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says state law allows them to change the maximum to 65 on highways that aren't interstates or parkways. While many drivers say they supported a higher speed limit on Highway 60, some people say this part of the highway in Owensboro should stay at 55 MPH, but it can be extended in more rural areas. While the chance for increased accidents concerned some drivers, others say it's up to the driver to be more careful.

"If you're out there driving defensively, you'll be O.K.," Wood says.

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