El Chupacabra or Crazed Coyote? EPD Saves the Day

It was a normal Monday on Grand Avenue. Anthony Hughes’ kids had just got home from school.

“Then all of a sudden, it pops out from over here, and it comes running toward my wife a kids,” Hughes said.

It was a foreign creature terrorizing the neighborhood, and according to Hughes' neighbor, there was only one thing it could be.

"It’s El Chupacabra. And you know, most of the folks over here don't understand what El Chupacabra is, but I knew what she was talking about,” Hughes said. "And I mean this thing was snarling mad."

El Chupacabra, or so Hughes thought, was circling the neighborhood.

"It was running up on people. Like it wasn't running away from people. It was running at people,” he said. "And when it ran up. I mean it had, it was showing its teeth, my kids were terrified. I mean, heck, I was even scared. You know, I’m a big guy, but that thing scared me.”

Animal Control and Evansville Police both tired to contain the beast, unsuccessfully at first.

"And he cornered it in between these two white houses over here, and it came out and ran around, and in between the yellow house and the white house over there, is where he fired the shot at it,” Hughes said.

A shot at the foot only made the monster madder. It ran from the alley, only to be slowed up again by an animal control pole.

"He has it under control, all of the sudden, it wiggles loose, and it's gone again,” Hughes said.

The chase was back on, and led police all the way to the backyard of a house on Akin Drive a few blocks away.

Officers cornered the elusive threat, which turned out not to be El Chupacabra after all, but a coyote officers say they were forced to put down.

“Unfortunately for the coyote it was behaving in a way that the officers had to take action to make sure that the public was safe,” Evansville Police Officer Jason Cullum said.

"He was probably scared straight. I would have shot it too. I wouldn't have cared where I was at, I would have fired down on it,” Hughes said. “Survival mode, man, that thing was trying to eat a kid.”

Animal Control is sending the coyote’s body to be tested for rabies. Indiana DNR said coyotes normally avoid humans and shouldn’t be feared.

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