EPD: Mom Yelled Vulgarities About Kids

While being arrested, a mother allegedly told DCS that her kids 'can go to hell'

Evansville Police said a mother accused of child neglect yelled vulgarities about her children while she was being questioned by the Department of Child Services (DCS).

According to police, Angelic Mauck, allegedly said the following things in reference to her children:

“They can go to hell. ___ is the little b---- that got me arrested. You can put them wherever the f--- you want. They are old enough to be on their own. I don't give a f--- where you put them. I was on my own at 15. They can be on their own as well.”

Police described their interaction with Mauck as “completely disrespectful, vulgar, uncontrollable, loud, and a disturbance to the neighborhood.”

Police initially responded to Mauck's house in the 1200 block of Henning Ave. on Thursday in reference to the disappearance of one of Mauck's children.

While on the scene, officers said Mauck seemed to be more concerned with joking around than her child. Police said she was slurring her speech and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage.

Police said they explained to Mauck that it's not against the law to be drunk in your own home. However, police told Mauck it was concerning that she was intoxicated when she was supposed to be caring for children.

Mauck allegedly admitted to police that she was an alcoholic and that she usually drinks after 6 p.m.

Eventually, police got enough information to file the missing report on Mauck's child and Mauck went back inside her home.

Officers then said they found Mauck's child.

The child allegedly went to a friend's house to get away from Mauck because the child was afraid for their safety.

The child allegedly told police, “I guess I have to go back home. I guess I am going to die. She tells me everything is my fault and blames everything on me. She blames me for no food being in the house. She blames me for us being evicted. She even tells me I should just kill myself.”

While the child was being taken back to Mauck's residence, police said they saw Mauck exit her home –- speaking with someone inside a truck. Police then reportedly asked the occupant inside the vehicle to leave so they could speak with Mauck.

Police said Mauck became argumentative and tried to go inside.  Police instructed her to stay outside so they could talk with her, but she allegedly tensed up her body and attempted to turn on police.

Authorities said they eventually had to take control of her wrist and force her arms behind her back. Once handcuffs were finally on, Mauck was advised by authorities to have a seat.

Officers said at this point, Mauck continued raising her voice and using vulgar language.

Police said they asked her several times to lower her voice and to stop using vulgar language.  According to authorities, the commotion caused her neighbors to exit their homes to see what was going on.

Police said they read Mauck her Miranda Warning and asked when she started drinking. She allegedly said she started at 5 p.m and that she picked her son up at 7 p.m.

Mauck then allegedly raised her voice and police decided to put her in a patrol car.

While taking her to the squad car, Mauck allegedly yelled out “f---” and the 'n-word' repeatedly.

Police said she continued this while in the back of the patrol car.

At this point, police were going to arrest Mauck so DCS had been contacted.

When DCS arrived on scene, they attempted to question Mauck about finding placement for her children.

That's when Mauck allegedly yelled that her children 'can go to hell' and other statements detailed above.

Police also noted that they noticed a large amount of roaches inside the home.

Mauck is charged with child neglect, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.

(This story was originally published on July 14, 2017)

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