EPD Rescues Infant from Locked Car at WalMart

Amidst shattered glass and grave concerns, Evansville Police rescue an infant from inside a locked car, parked in the sun at Wal-Mart.

The EPD said an officer was flagged down in the parking lot of the west side store. People in the parking lot were panicking about an infant, left in a car, the parents nowhere in sight.

This was around 4:45 Monday afternoon, the temperature outside more than 80 degrees. The temperature inside the vehicle was much higher.

The EPD officer took just a few minutes to decide the infant was in distress and decided to get the baby out of the car. 

Doug McGuire was just leaving Wal-Mart, just finished shopping, when he happened upon the scene. McGuire told Eyewitness News that he could hear the baby crying and said he realized the baby was in trouble.  

McGuire says he began recording with his phone when police arrived. He says he did so said to protect the officers from any misperception as to why they were breaking into the car. 


McGuire's video captures the moment police use a tool to shatter the glass, and unlock the doors.

EPD says the four-month-old infant was taken to a local hospital and is in perfect health.

Police investigators then used Wal-Mart surveillance video to determine that the baby was in the car for about an hour.

The mother, Kelly Decorrevont, 35, was found shopping inside the store.  We're told she has been arrested and charged with child neglect and drug possession.

The child is now in the care of Child Protective Services.


(This story was originally published on June 19, 2017)

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