Evansville Company, Non-Profit Team Up on Mission Trip

 In a day and age where some businesses place profits over people, one Evansville company hopes to buck that trend. Late last month, employees from Pollux Properties recently teamed up with the JD Sheth Foundation, a project-based non-profit organization, to help people living in Guatemala.

Pollux was a corporate sponsor of the mission trip which included the construction of five homes. A three-room school for children with special needs was also built.

It was back-breaking work but those who went on the trip said they would do it all over again.

"It's amazing. I have been doing this since 2010... but I've never had a complaint from the almost 100 people that have gone with us on these trips," said Jaimie Sheth, the president, chief executive officer and founder of the JD Sheth Foundation.

Amanda Besharah, the manager of Pollux Properties, went on the trip. It was an experience she won't soon forget, she said.

"The people there were so kind. They had nothing but had everything," Besharah said. "It makes you come back here to our reality and what we expect... versus what they have. They're so happy and we're sometimes not so happy. It gives you perspective."

The JD Sheth Foundation is a project-based non-profit that helps people both in the United States and around the world. Sheth said 95 percent of every dollar donated goes toward projects like the Guatemala mission trip.


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