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Evansville Police Call 50 lb K2 Bust "Largest Single Bust to Date"

Evansville Police call it the largest single bust of K2 they've ever seen.

Another alleged drug dealer is behind bars after police say they found 50 pounds of a synthetic drug in an Evansville man's mobile home.

50 pounds, 800 ounces, more than 22,000 grams.

Enough K2 to roll thousands of joints.

Sergeant Jason Cullum, with Evansville Police Department, said "that's the biggest seizure of K2 we've had at any one time."

K2, a name brand synthetic cannabinoid, is taking the Tri-State and many other parts of the country by storm.

Overdoses have become a common headline this month.

And today, one more suspected dealer is behind bars in Evansville.

Raymond Sult, a neighbor of Appels said, "yesterday when I left I was leaving at about 2 p.m., there were quite a few unmarked cars, I knew something was happening."

22 year old Gabriel Appel was picked up on a warrant during a traffic stop.

Detectives say they found one pound of K2 and $2,000 cash in the floorboard.

But that's nothing-- compared to what detectives found back at his mobile home off Hawaii Drive.

Sergeant Cullum said "50 pounds of K2, that's a lot of K2."

Something Evansville Police Department says they are glad to get off the streets.

Sergeant Cullum said, "we have not at this point been able to link Mr. Appel to any of the issues we saw recently with the overdoses, but we are glad that we got the batch that he had off the streets. That is 50 less pounds that'll be in our neighborhoods."

And Appel's neighbors-- while not surprised by the bust-- can rest easy tonight-- after weeks of unusual activity in their neighborhood.

Sult said "there would be a lot of cars there in and out throughout the night, enough that it definitely caught my attention and all my neighbors attention. Everybody noticed it, everybody talked about it."

But law enforcement-- not resting-- no matter how great the victory.

Sgt. Cullum said,"today's a new day and they're going on to get the next drug dealer."

To get a drug they call much more dangerous and unpredictable than marijuana off the streets for good.

Sgt. Cullum said,"you're completely unaware of what you're actually ingesting because you don't know for sure what chemicals are included, and you don't know the potency of those chemicals."

Appel is currently being held in Vanderburgh County Jail and is facing charges for both dealing and possessing synthetic cannabinoids. 

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