Evansville Police Show Off New Tool to Combat Graffiti

The Evansville Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit unveils a new tool to combat graffiti. It's called a soda blaster.

It sends a large, granular form of baking soda and shoots it at an extremely high velocity. That baking soda can remove graffiti from any surface without damaging the surface itself. The solution is also environmentally friendly.

The department will offer this service at no cost to home or business owners who have been tagged in an effort to prevent them from being victimized twice.

"Those are basically your two options: Cover it up or clean it up," said Officer Nick Sandullo. "The clean up option usually had to come from a private contractor which could be expensive. We have this tool now where we can help people out, and that's what we want to do. We want to beautify the area, so people don't have to see it or especially if it's something vulgar or profanity words or something like that."

Officer Sandullo says removing graffiti is not only a quality of life issue, but it can also deter crime especially gang activity.

To pay for the equipment, the department received grants from four organizations: Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co., Jacobsville Join In, the Evansville Police Department Foundation as well as the Department of Metropolitan Development. DMD provided the bulk of the grant money, officials said.

If you have graffiti on your property, you can call the Crime Prevention Office at (812) 435-6135.

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