Evansville Zip Code Reported Most Heroin Overdoses in Vanderburgh County

Drug arrests and overdoses, an epidemic happening right here in the Tri-State and in one place more than others. 

What do the numbers 4, 7, and 1 have in common? They make up the numbers to the zip code reported to have the most heroin overdoses in Vanderburgh County last year according to the Vanderburgh County Coroner's Office. 

Brittany Finch, who lives in this area says,"We can go to Walmart and buy shampoo and we don't even know what's in shampoo so no we don't know what we're getting."

47714, made up of people on the East and Southeast side of Evansville, many who know drugs are a problem all too well.

"In this area how I grew up is...I mean I used to sell drugs myself," Finch says. 

Finch has lived many different roles in the 1-4. "I did it to make money and I was a consumer to a certain extent as well."

She was a drug dealer and user. 

"I got my daughter taken away in a drug bust and that's when I changed my life I said okay I can't keep doing this," Finch says. 

Now, she is a college graduate and nurse specializing in substance abuse. 

"I would say we're killing each other and that needs to stop," Finch says. 

Steve Martin, who has lived in the area for years says, "It will change only if people want to change."

Many living in the 1-4 know drugs have been in parts of the zip code for years, but there's no one reason. 

"It's all of us it isn't just one person," Finch says. 

But they still hold hope that the number of overdoses can drop, whether it's 1, 4, or 7 digits at a time. 

"All that ends up being a burden on our society and we can either throw money at our problems or be a part of the solution," Martin says. "I think that's the best answer. "

"I love my life," Finch says.  "I lived two different lives and I'm proud of every moment. I'm not ashamed of anything I went through it's just a testimony for the next person."

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