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Evansville's Habitat for Humanity ReStore Open for Business

Habitat for Humanity has operated in Evansville for more than 30 years, but now for the first time in Evansville, people can contribute to new homes for people in need while improving their own homes at the same time.

"I think the name on the building really says it all, ReStore, it's an opportunity to connect with the community and to renew restore not only furniture, but also restore lives,” ReStore manager Todd Morgan said.

Following its grand opening Saturday, ReStore hit the ground running with a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday.

There are 800 similar stores across the country, but the one on North Royal Avenue is the first in Evansville.

It’s a store already filled with a variety of furniture, appliances and decorum, all of which people can buy at discounted prices. All of money made goes to further the organization's mission.

“It's a financial pipeline to the affiliates in the end. Habitat for Humanity with Evansville, our purpose is to offer sustainable housing to low-income individuals and their families,” Morgan said.

Every dollar spent at the store helps build a home for someone who needs it. All of the new or gently used items are donated, and the crew will even come pick it up for free.

That crew is a combination of paid staff, volunteers, and people who have seen first hand the difference the organization can make,

"Our habitat home owners and future homeowners are able to volunteer their hours here. They're also able to shop along with the general public here, and it's just another resource for them to be able to get their sweat equity opportunities in. They can come here and look around and see, maybe picture what they might want in their home as well,” Habitat for Humanity Communications Manager Mariah Bradley said.

The store will be open for shopping Wednesday through Saturday, and donations can be made Monday through Friday.

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