EVSC Details New McCutchanville Elementary

This is a story of simple math.

McCutchanville Elementary is a new school, 21 years in the making. It will sit on 25 acres of land, bought in 1995, on Evansville's north side.

It's finally being developed to help relieve a burden of more than 1,700 students at Scott and Oak Hill Elementary

It's a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art building the EVSC says it will pay for in cash that became a reality at Monday night's school board meeting.

Tuesday, parents gained some perspective on how it'll look.

“It will also be a very welcoming environment for students to come in before school, after school, certainly during school,” says EVSC School Superintendent, Dr. David Smith.

School officials are building the new school in the middle of Scott and Oak Hill districts, on Petersburgh Road, along Hwy. 41 and the Warrick County line.

Groundbreaking will be in February with the first classes set for 2018.

If a student lives in the new district but doesn't want to leave their current school, special accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis, according to Dr. Smith.

“It's getting pretty crowded up there, so I know the expansion is needed,” says Brian Drake who has a 1st grader at Scott Elementary. “It's a great school, great teachers, great atmosphere.”

Drake, like so many others, are looking forward to something new. But could crowds of cars put a curb on the course of progress?

“I'm concerned about traffic patterns,” says Robert Kraft, asking questions of Dr. Smith during his information session at North High School.

EVSC officials say a traffic study shows no changes are needed along major roads in the area, but during construction, they will add a passing lane to Petersburg Road to keep cars moving.

“We don't want any chance there are going to be people stacking up on Petersburg Road,” says Smith.

Other concerns take to the ball field. Worried about a baseball, no more. School officials won't let the diamond divide people in this project.

Smith says the EVSC didn't commit to keeping the ball field in the beginning, for fear of having to back out. He confirmed tonight the baseball field will remain.

As an old educator, Kraft knows an A-plus when he sees it. He's a former principal at Perry Heights and Scott. “Whenever they can't teach, they make you a principal,” he jokes.

And in this story, the math is simple. Now Smith hopes to make the grade.

“It is easier to make three schools out of two, than take two schools and make them into one.”

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