EVSC Reviews Incident Involving Coach, Sheriff's Deputy

Officials from the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation have reviewed an incident that took place last week involving a high school basketball coach and a county sheriff's deputy.

The incident took place following the Feb. 28th boys basketball sectional matchup between Central High School and North High School.

According to an incident report obtained by Eyewitness News, three sheriff's deputies were working off duty at the game. The game was a hotly contested, hard-fought tilt between two bitter rivals. Following the contest, an unidentified Central basketball player was exiting the court when he threw or kicked a large trash can that was on the floor, the deputy noted in the report.

The trash can ended up striking North's assistant principal, Zach Windell, the report states. Windell then asked the player, 'what's wrong with you?' According to the report, the player responded, stating, "I'll knock your punk a** b***** out." The player was being held by an assistant coach and then entered the locker room as the deputy approached, according to the report.

A few seconds afterward, Central's head coach, Scott Hudson came at the deputy 'hot-headed' and questioned the deputy as to why he was trying to address the incident, the report states.

"I advised that [Coach Hudson] needed to get his player under control," the deputy stated in the report.

Hudson then went back into the locker room briefly and then returned and got into the face of the deputy, yelling at him, according to the report.

"Mr. Hudson apparently didn't address his player, instead he was more worried about questioning me and even told me that I needed to do my job because the [sectional game] was ran poorly," the deputy said the in report. "I stated to Mr. Hudson that the way the [sectional game] was run had nothing to do with these deputies."

At this time, the deputy told Hudson in a loud voice to step away from him and get his player under control, according to the report.

The deputy ended the report, saying EVSC administrators, including North's assistant principal and Central High School staff agreed to handle the incident within the EVSC.

When reached for comment, an EVSC spokesperson chalked up the incident to tensions running high following a bitterly-contested playoff game between two rivals. The spokesperson also added that no disciplinary action was taken against Coach Hudson nor the player accused of kicking the trash can. The player later apologized for the incident, the spokesperson said. No criminal charges were filed.

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