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Family near boat explosion on Lake Barkley recall close call

A Daviess County family is back home tonight after witnessing a boat explosion over the weekend at Lake Barkley.


The Koger family was just feet away from that blast that sent two people to the hospital and injured some of their own.


"The weather was nice. We were all together as a family, go out as a family trip,” said Jason Koger, describing how the family’s weekend at the lake started. But the family trip changed after a boat exploded less than seven feet from where they were docked at green turtle bay.


"I was frightened and was so, so scary,” says Axell Koger, Jason’s son.


"It was a big burst of flame and all. It just happened so fast. It was something you see on TV,” adds Mike Koger, who is also a Daviess County Commissioner.


"Initially when it happened, I heard the boom. There was a force that pushed me in to the boat,” said Donna Koger, Mike’s wife.


"Right after it happened, as I was going to grab their heads to shove them under the awning because I saw debris flying, we couldn't see the other two and...we were just glad that they had life jackets on,” recalled Jenny Koger, Jason’s wife.


"I just thought it was like a bomb or something,” says Billie Grace Koger, Jason’s daughter.

Some Koger family members suffered injuries ranging from scratches to a sprained ankle.


"It was very scary. Trying to make sure everybody was safe,” says Holly Alexander, who sprained her ankle. "I guess my adrenaline kicked in because I was running on it, back and forth, trying to make sure everyone was where they need to be."


The Koger’s boat had minor damage. The family returned home this afternoon, earlier than planned, shaken, but thankful that what happened Sunday wasn't worse.


"I feel like the Lord was definitely watching over us, especially over the people in the boat that exploded. I still don't understand how they were able to make it through, it was truly amazing,” says Jason.


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(This story was originally published May 28, 2018)


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