Family of Tromain Mackall Reacts to Howard Jr. Arrest

Nearly eight months after an Ohio County man was reported missing, a Kentucky man charged with his murder makes his first appearance in court.

William Howard Jr. was arraigned this afternoon for murder, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. He's accused of killing Tromain Mackall in Daviess County last July.

Witnesses say Mackall was leaving a party in Ohio County. His body found just two weeks later, stuffed inside a large truck tool box.

"I'm truly happy that an arrest has been made," says Ashley Howell, Mackall's cousin. She says Howard's arrest gives them a little closure, though the anger from what happened is still there.

"A lot of my family members are sad and some are angry. Our main thing is we want justice. Nothing will ever bring Tromain back, but we want some peace," she says.

Kentucky State Police say evidence collected during the eight month investigation led to the charges against Howard for his involvement in Mackall's death. He was last seen in late July of last year at a gathering on Collier Road near the Ohio County-Daviess County line. His body found the following month in Grayson County, two counties away.

"I still believe that another person may have been involved," Howell says. "I know that they're not just doing an investigation of Howard. I'm not really sure who it is. I know that he couldn't have done this all by himself."

"We can't rule that there could be other participants in that murder," says Trooper Corey King of Kentucky State Police. He adds evidence is still being processed at the KSP crime lab.

"What really was the best strategy was processing the scene, and getting as much tangible evidence we need to submit because at that moment, the crime lab is the one that hold the stakes in this," he says.

"I want to tell him what he took from us," Howell says, regarding what she would tell Howard if they ever met in court. "I want to know why. There's no reason he did what he did. I want to know his reason."

Howard's next hearing is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday.

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