Ford Center Packed, New DoubleTree Hotel Not During Evansville's Largest Convention of Year

Its the largest convention Evansville will host all year long, but there's not a large crowd checking in across the street at the new DoubleTree Hotel.

Ten thousand people, five thousand hotel rooms, three million dollars worth of revenue, add it all up and you only get one thing, the Johovah's Witness Summer Convention. 

Bob Warren with Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau said,"we will see somewhere in the 95 to 97 percent occupancy which basically says that Evansville is sold out."

Fourteen years Evansville has played host to the event, the first for the new DoubleTree Hotel.

Tracey Wiley, General Manager of DoubleTree Hotel in Evansville said,“This is the main reason we are here is to help serve the groups that are coming in and either booking at Old National Events Plaza or booking at Ford Center."

With fifty percent of Evansville's hotels booked by these friends, you may be surprised to know the convention-aimed hotel isn't as packed as its across the street neighbor.

Wiley said,“They really had been using a lot of the other hotels when they came into town so this was kind of new to them, and I think  they book so far in advance that I think that it was that we just didn't really know how many we were going to be able to take care of this year.”

But whether its the higher rates, the love of all things familiar, or just plain bad timing, all involved are hoping for a brighter day, and shorter commute, next year.

David Glover, a convention goer and Owensboro native said, “It saves you a little wear and tear, you're right here, you're within walking distance of the Ford Center, you can't beat that.”

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