Fourth Person Arrested in Alleged Kidnapping

The arrest comes after Chase O'Leary was found naked, bound in blankets

A fourth person is now charged in an alleged kidnapping case.

Henderson County Sheriff's Office tells us Jessica Caterina, 24, from Tennessee, faces felony kidnapping, wanton endangerment, and fugitive from another state charges.

Authorities say the kidnapping and wanton endangerment charges come after three others were charged in connection to Chase O'Leary's alleged kidnapping.

O'Leary, 22, of Jasper, was found last month lying on a roadway, wearing no clothes but wrapped up in blankets bound together by duct tape in the Alsey Bottoms area in Henderson County.

Mason Brown, 22, and Cole Schriber, 23, both of Henderson, were arrested for August 21, the same day O'Leary was found. Woods and Caterina were both arrested Thursday. All four face kidnapping and wanton endangerment charges.

Caterina was taken to Henderson County Detention Center on $25,000 cash bond.

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