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Gibson County Clerk apologizes for profane tweets

The fallout when two Twitter’s collide comes out of Gibson County, Wednesday. Court Clerk Jim Morrow lashed out online this week, and now he says he's sorry.

The war of words is over, and Morrow’s account is gone, but LGBT supporters aren't looking for an apology. The man on the receiving end of Morrow's tweets wants others to know it's okay.

He’s from Kentucky and wants to stay hidden behind his Twitter pseudonym, D. A. Greene.

“He's not hurting my feelings,” Greene said on the phone. “I'm a grown man, I’m past that. I've been called worse things by better people.”

Morrow wants the people of Gibson County to know the words he used are not who he is.

“Everybody came down on me for not believing main-stream media,” Morrow says. That’s how exchange started on Twitter that ultimately led him to using profanity and derogatory names.

Morrow says he was attacked during the discussion. He was using his personal page that doesn't link to the county or Republican Party, but he does use his government photo and real name.

“I do apologize to the man for using that language, that's not a Christian thing to do, I blew it because I got mad,” says Morrow.

He wasn't at work Wednesday; Morrow said over the phone he was dealing with a family emergency. When he is in the office, he says his religious belief doesn't get in the way of duty.

“There’s same-sex couples that come in and apply for marriage licenses and we issue them, no questions asked,” says Morrow. “We don't look at them any different than anybody else.”

Gibson County GOP chairman Carl Montgomery isn't aware of what happened on Twitter. He says Morrow is a religious man with strong beliefs.

Eyewitness News tried to reach the Gibson County Democratic Party but did not hear back.

Greene doesn't want Morrow to lose his job, but he hopes this is a lesson for local leaders to be concerned about all their constituents.

“I'm sorry mostly to my Lord that I acted that way,” Morrow adds, “but I'm sorry to him, too.”

Morrow is running unopposed in the Clerk race in November.


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(This story was originally published June 6, 2018)

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