Gov. Holcomb Touts 'Next Level Indiana' in Evansville

Hundreds of miles of road work planned for the Tri-State and beyond. Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb visits Evansville to tout the “Next Level Indiana” road plan, compliments of the state’s new gas tax.

Billions of dollars will be poured into new pavement and bridges in what the Governor calls “the largest non-stop sustained roads program in Indiana’s history.”

Across the 7 southwest Indiana counties you’ll see 720 miles of road repaved and 61 bridges rehabbed or replaced all that in the next 5 years.

A change in color with lots and lots of cones is likely coming to a road near you

“Please yield to these orange barrels and construction signs as you roll through our zones,” says Indiana Department of Transportation, Commission Joe McGuinness. “We want to make sure our employees all go home safely at the end of the day just like the rest of us do.”

A lot more construction zones are coming. “Next Level Indiana” will spend $5 billion connecting the Crossroads of America to better roads and bridges.

Ask drivers in Evansville how badly it's needed and most won't hesitate.

“They're horrible,” says Tracy Moore. “I’ve gotten a few flat tires, I’ve gotten messed up shocks.”

Jay Ismail shares similar thoughts. “Potholes are mostly around town,” he says.

Holcomb says state leaders have kept their foot on the gas for the last few years to make this roads plan a reality. “If you put it in cruise control you start to slip backwards and there’s only one way you can coast, that’s downhill,” he says.

McGuinness says INDOT doesn’t play favorites when it comes to prioritizing which county gets money. He says officials simply ask “what’s the need?” Then every county, city, and town is ranked on road miles; the more miles a road gets, the higher priority.

INDOT will pour almost $40 million into Evansville and Vanderburgh County but money and projects are spread across the Tri-State. Vanderburgh County will get 113 miles of road repaved in the next 5 years.
Warrick gets 112, Gibson gets 96, Posey gets 111, Spencer gets 122, Dubois gets 108, and Pike gets 58.

“We’ve shown not just the rest of the nation, but the world that here in Indiana, we know how to get it done,” Holcomb says.

Click here to see what roads will get work in your neighborhood.

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