Halee Rathgeber Friends Shocked After Arrest

So much in life is good, and most of the time it’s the people that make it.

At 20 years-old, Halee Rathgeber had the rest of her life in front of her. On the day of her funeral, friends and family try to make sense of her loss.

They unite Monday at Texas Roadhouse on the east side of Evansville, back on the job, a day removed from closing so co-workers could see her at visitation. It was the Roadhouse where she and the man charged with her murder, 22-year-old Isaiah Hagan worked.

“She’s an amazing person inside and out, everyone loved her,” says Nicole Wilson, a co-worker, and high school friend. “As soon as she walked in the room it brightened up the whole mood.”

Wilson describes Halee, saying she always puts others before herself. Qualities for a waitress, and even better for a friend.

Halee was one of those people that just made life good.

“The way she always had the brightest smile,” Christian Payne says, “Even though she would go through the struggle of her daily life she would always be there for her friends.”

The reality of her death hits even harder now, when her family at Texas Roadhouse learned Halee’s ex-boyfriend and former server at the restaurant, Hagan is the one police say pulled the trigger last week.

“I was in shock,” Wilson says, “It was a weight off our shoulders.”

Texas Roadhouse paid for Halee's funeral, and they plan to sponsor a scholarship in her name at USI where she was a nursing student.

Investigators are releasing few details of the crime, but at the scene is a reminder - no matter how it looks - Halee isn't alone.

Her apron, hat, and name badge is tied to the fence not far from where her body was found at the Alcoa soccer fields in Warrick County.

Halee will be remembered for how she lived and what she said. People like Halee make life good; it’s easy to see at the front door of the restaurant.

In big letters on a while board, “be good to people for no reason.”

The name “Halee” is just below.

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