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Helfrich Park Named Tug Of War Champs

It was an intense match-up Tuesday night for the classic Tug of War competition at the 96th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.

Eight west side middle schools went head to head for not only a trophy -- but bragging rights.

The schools say they have been training during gym for weeks to get ready for the competition.

Helfrich Park and Saint Wendel middle schools made it to the final round.

And Helfrich Park took the victory -- after three years in a row of coming in second place.

"They work really hard" said Helfrich Park coach Katherine Redd "and I feel like coming in second place the last couple years I think it is our turn this year."

"You get the trophy and you get bragging rights and on the west side sometimes that is the most important thing there is" said chairman Dennis Nettles.

Helfrich Park students attributed their success to good communication between teammates.

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