Henderson County Schools Preparing for Great Eclipse

Schools across the Tri-State are getting ready for the Great Eclipse, and while Bend Gate in Henderson isn't in the path of totality, students and staff are still totally excited.

"I’ve been talking about it with the kids at morning assembly every morning. The kids are pretty pumped. We know that we're gonna have a special day on Monday,” Bend Gate Principal Deborah Harman said.

For all Henderson County schools, the preparations started early in the summer. With it being just the second week back at school, staff already has its hands full this time of the year. Some counties like Hopkins and Muhlenberg are cancelling class, but Henderson schools are using the Great Eclipse to their advantage.

"We’re using this as a science learning opportunity. Science has really been in Kentucky a state-wide push this year,” Harman said.

Besides education, safety is a top priority. The school district is buying NASA-approved eclipse glasses for all students and staff.

"Because we are not in the total eclipse, we're in the partial, so you have to keep the glasses on at all times, and we are just making sure that our students understand the importance of the safety of their eyes,” Henderson County Schools Public Information Officer Megan Mortis said.

When the time comes, students will be allowed outside, provided their parents sign a permission slip. Some will get the chance to take a bus over to Henderson Community College. And the ones who want to spend the day with their family are in the clear too.

"It will definitely be an excused absence,” Harman said.

Daviess county schools are also having students' parents sign permission slips so they can go outside during the eclipse, and providing eclipse glasses through Western Kentucky University.

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