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Highland Challenger League plays at Bosse, raises money for Little League World Series

The Highland Challenger Baseball League held their biggest fundraiser Sunday.
With the help of the Evansville Otters, the kids were able to play at historic Bosse Field as the team made of kids with physical and intellectual challenges continue to show that they don't let anything get in their way.
It's not every day a little league team gets to play on a big-league field.
“They know they've seen Otters games, so this is a big event for them to step on the field instead of in the stands watching the big leaguers play,” said Challenger League organizer Matt Pokorney.
It was an experience that has even more meaning to the Challenger League. 
“The community has been good to us and we're counting on the community to help us out,” said Pokorney.
Sunday's game started with congressman Larry Buschon throwing out the first pitch.
Local police and fire departments were also there to help the kids on and off the field.
“He got a good hit, to score a run and he's been out on the field,” said Brad Roberts with the Evansville Fire Department who was paired with Joey.
The reason for Sunday’s fun? The team's been picked to play at the Little League World Series in August.
“Our goal is to raise $175,000, we're about halfway to our goal,” said Pokorney.
A goal to make sure no one has to pay out of pocket to get there.
“It shows how much commitment there is with this program here locally to get these kids involved,” said Congressman Buschon.
For one parent, seeing her son on the field is something she once never imagined was possible.
“Words are hard to describe bas a parent, when you get to see your child do things that you never expected them to do it's very heartwarming,” said Brenda Hawkins.
So getting him to the world series is more than a dream come true.
(This article was originally published June 10, 2018)

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